Home Face Lift

Home Face Lift

Home face lift, was any enjoyable project for a very nice lady who runs a daycare out of her house in a nice section of Bakersfield, Ca. She called me on the phone and said she wanted to talk about a new project and that she was interested in. Adding a little flare to the front of her house to break it apart from all the other house on the street. I went and met with here to discuss what was needed. Seeing how I already new what she was interested in, I drove down here street on the way there. She was right the houses all blended together! Some elements such as the trim was even the same color on houses next door to each other!

So, I had my project parameters. (1) The screen door to the right was what the shutters had to look like or that they came together. (2) Its made out of pine, that’s easy because it’s the most plentiful. (3) Next I had to look at the type of stain used to get the colors matching. From there I took into account the corbels or corners of the screen door. This is the squiggly corners and from that I modeled the hinges. (4) Lastly the steel framing somehow had to be incorporated into the design. Bottom line it had to be pine, colored the same and incorporate metal. I looked at originally adding real hinges 3′ long but they were over prices at around $125.00 ea. and they were straight hinges no flare to them. I then ended up with the problem of you can’t see them from the street. So, I decided to make them out of wood since they were ornamental more than real hinges. I took the flare from the screen door and scaled them up to be noticeable from the road. Then I beat them, made edges uneven and then painted them with a hammered black iron paint. From the top image and the even coming up their walk way it looks like there real. All for a fraction of the cost.

You can also tell that the original shutter were bigger than the current ones, that I was replacing, and they didn’t even cover the arch or even make it look close to the arch of the window so it didn’t make any sense…

The original shutters were plain and mundane and were painted  darker on the top floor then the lower floor. The trim on some windows was dark and others were the same color as the house. It’s like they couldn’t decide or just went with the flavor of the day. Regardless to say it was boring… So we talked and came up with something I think was a little better… contrasting paint on trim which she said they would do on their own and I would make the shutters match the font  screen door. Below are images of before the transformation.

Original images on right and below with the final face lift at the top of the page. As you can see the framing is all one color and the shutters match top and bottom and look as if they came with the front door! Easy fixes that made a world of difference!