Services Offered

Custom Designed – country furniture and amenities using the latest in CAD software. You send us a picture or idea of what you want and I can create a set of plans bringing your dreams to life.

I use SketchUp to keep cost’s down and productivity up. Free for anyone to use.

Refurbishing – old furniture and bringing it back to life provides both purpose and supports an eco-friendly enviroment. Bangorang Design will repair, strengthen and give new life to any project.

Click on the image to the right, you’ll see what I did to give new purpose to and old wobbling table. I’ve also reconditioned an antique end table. Just browse my sight and take a look.

Duplicating and Design by adding your touch to it. Whether it be a different color or size such as wider or longer or taller and shorter. Many of my customers send me pics of something they like and ask me if I can do it like…..

Those are my favorite ones of all, examples can be found going through my projects in the menu above.