TV Console

8' TV Console

This console was fun to build and a pain to install. Materials used consisted of pine 2×6’s, 1×4’s and particle board for the backing. I believe it’s total weight was somewhere around 200 lbs. It measures approximately 8′ long by 28″ deep and approximately 34″ tall. Paint consisted of a Behr interior coat in a blueish grey tone.

The owner of this came to me and requested a TV console that would support a 65″ plus TV, which ended up wall mounted, and needed to be kid proof for their boys! She told me they crawl all over everything… They found a plan on the Internet and then emailed it to me. I then created a CAD drawing of the finish product as I do with every project. Then talked to them about the plans and the finish project. From there it took about a month and a half to complete.

Image 1 above in the gallery is the particle board back made to imitate tongue  and groove. This enable me to bring the cost and weight of the project considerably down. Something as small as this can make a big difference. Image 2 is an end view of the project almost complete without the 2×12 and 2×10’s mounted. Image 3 is a closeup of the custom molding I created to add to the country farm look. Then came the final day to deliver the console which bring me to image 5! The recipients of this TV console neglected to inform me that this 8′ long 200 lb plus monster was being put on the second floor with a 90 degree bend on the stairs! Regardless with some extra help we got it in place. Lesson learned by me to also ask where it’s going to be installed…

If interested in something like this on any scale please send me a text or call the number at the top of the page. I look forward to hearing from anyone even if it’s to answer questions. Hope to hear from you soon.